The Yard Sale is short fiction (about 9K words). My mother and her niece loved yard sales. The summer event was going to yard sales and having yard sales. Many times I participated and took note of the people who came and went. They shaped up into different groups of characters that I included in the story. If you’ve ever had a yard sale, you recognize some of them!

Jennifer Riley may have hit a speed bump with a disastrous marriage, foreclosure, and losing her job. But hey, she's no quitter! She teams up with her yard sale guru, Aunt Gail, and Uncle Buddy for the best yard sale ever! She learns that sometimes the things that matter most can't be sold, and that a little laughter can go a long way towards healing a broken heart. Plus, you never know when trash will turn into treasure!

With equal parts heart and humor, "The Yard Sale" is a feel-good story that reminds us that even in tough times, there's always something to smile about.

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Aside from writing romance novels, I have written humorous stories.
I'm including two of my bestsellers on this website!

What Reviewers Are Saying...

“Truly classic Southern humor.”

“Patricia Preston has a wonderful knack for natural dialogue and authentic Southern voices.”

“Patricia Preston’s characters are so charming in a country sort of way.”

“The humor is low-key but had me laughing out loud.”

“Delightful feel-good read.”

Here’s the origin story on Darlene’s Cookbook. Darlene is a popular character from another humorous story I wrote. She is from the 50s and is a Marilyn Monroe wannabe.

Some girls in my family wanted me to assemble a recipe book with some of our old Southern mama’s recipes. The idea of typing recipes bored me and then I came up with the idea of letting Darlene be the narrator and really having some fun adding her comments and stories about Southern cooking.

This recipe book is not fancy. It’s composed of old family recipes, recipes I collected from other cooks over time, and I had several people loan old recipe books. I had one from the local Junior Auxiliary in 1950.

I did a blog post about the adventure of writing this book, going to a country beauty shop for more recipes and research, and a list of the recipes. There have been some additional ones added.

Remember, Darlene's cookbook makes a fun inexpensive gift for Christmas, Birthday, or a Wedding Shower!

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