Content Advisory:

The Lafayette Falls series is a collection of modern-day, mainstream romance novels that contain romantic open-door love scenes, emotional themes, and a happy ending, even though the stories don’t follow a strict formula. Please be advised in these romance novels, there may be an element of tragedy, loss, or trauma in the characters' pasts, which plays a role in the conflict/plot of the story. There may be flashbacks or dialogue related to these incidents. Also, the books may contain a few instances of strong language.

It is important to note none of the books contain "dark" themes. No onstage incest, bondage, sexual violence, torture, etc., in any of the books. Additionally, while there are love scenes in some books, they do not contain explicit sexual details or graphic language. The romances are fiction and are not meant to influence the reader regarding personal safety/protection.

Each book will have content information listed in the Author's Note at the beginning of the book.